Thursday, 2 May 2013

Vacation - fun or not?

Hey again, I've decided to start the blog with a bam! writing a 2nd post seems it's the opening of the blog & I wanna discuss about a trivial topic for a start, do you find vacation fun or not? In my opinion, it's definitely fun on a general scale but it's not without some hiccups & I'm gonna break it down a little bit.

As a local singaporean, visiting places like malaysia is like eating your 3 daily meals. Though malaysia is quite a huge country with tons of states & visiting a different state everytime can still get people the "freshness" of a vacation, that rule doesn't apply to me hehe.

Common tourist destinations like america, australia, china etc would definitely be a eye opener to people here since there's so much more types of entertainment there that doesn't exists here in singapore like nascar, skydriving, superbowl & what have u. Maybe excluding sydney seems some of my friends said sydney is boring as hell...

Which country do I wanna & suggest people to visit is definitely countries that make up the axis power in world war II(germany, japan, italy). I have visited japan before but it doesn't matter;) 
The reason why I would recommended those countries is cause they're large countries with long history so visiting them will never leave someone regret & the fact that the people of this countries once have an ambition so huge like "I wanna conquer the world". I mean how can it be a wrong choice;)


Firstly, I wanna address that I'm quite a humble human monetary cases I mean but doing everything on a certain budget & keep an eye so you won't overshot the budget is a great guideline to refer imo..I wonder who invented this? (anyone knows? lemme know!)

The class of plane u take, first class, business, economic? If I'm travelling alone, I don't mind taking even the economic class seems the transport is only a tool for you to reach the destination but when you're travelling with your family most wanna make sure that their family members is in comfort.( & most don't wanna hear any nagging from their wifes!)

Also, the tourists is always the victim of getting RIPPED OFF! In fact, all the tourists hotspot is dedicated to that category...& the most efficient way to solved this? 
By having a better budget of course!  I mean sure you can save up on this & that but ultimately, you're a foreigner in a foreign country, you do not know the market rates there & there's not forgot about shopping for souvenir!( Not sure how to answer to your colleagues & friends if u do not have?)


After a long day of entertainment, anyone would need a rest. One of the most annoying things is that I personally can't sleep usually on the 1st day no matter how comfortable the bed is & even with the exe room unless I'm really extremely tired which usually occur only on the 2nd day.

Imagine how GAY it'll be to only having 2 to none hours of sleep in your hotel? I mean if you're on a 3days 2 night trip, u pretty much only have 1 day aka 24 hours left to tour around.
Doing that touring with 2 huge panda eyes is gonna be a disaster but I'm pretty sure adaption is key..


Oh god, I'm sorta lazy to type at this point of time...pretty sure all human will know this point haha
How do I enjoy my vacation at the LEAST if I'm sick during it? It's quite a common case for people as the other country's climax, temptation, food etc can be "incompatible". (This point doesn't applies to me though, I'm good;) )

Concluding the vacation rant, I'm pretty sure there's much more points to point out such as racism..why people don't like foreigners eg. the japanese but I'll leave that to sometime in the future. Hopefully there's enough people viewing to keep the blog alive!



Ok guys, firstly I wanna address the motives of opening this blog is purely for having fun & maybe due to boredom as well. Now, Let me do a little introduction. My name is ricky, I'm a guy, sexual orientation straight, living in a small country called singapore & gotta be going to serve ns aka national service within half a year. I'm gonna be using this blog to rant & discuss about various topics for a while now I guess, (assuming that blogger is still trending).I hadn't really been following the social sites on the net but I do know about facebook & instagram. If anyone that's reading this & has something to suggest, simply comment on the blog.